Medicare Program Facts

Information from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Medicare Rx Education Network

Medicare Provider Information

Medicare Consumer Information

Medicare Part B Drug Regulations
Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Information for Providers 

Medicare Part B Average Sales Price Information Resource

Medicare Fee-For-Service Part B Drugs

The Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Tip Sheet
For people with coverage through an employer or union
(This tip sheet details the decisions for people with employer/union coverage–both for those who may sign up for standard Part D coverage and for people who receive extra help).

Enrollment & Eligibility Guidance

Plan Marketing Guidelines

State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIPs)

MMA Partner Center

Partner Tip Sheet: "Explaining Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage to People With Employer/Union Coverage" (PDF)

Beneficiary Publication: "Frequently Asked Questions About: Retiree Prescription Drug Coverage & The New Prescription Drug Coverage" (PDF)

Letters to Deemed:
   •  People with Medicare/Medicaid (PDF)
   •  People w/SSI (PDF)
   •  People in an MSP (PDF)   

Auto-Enrollment Notice (PDF)

SSA Application for the Extra Help

Drug Card Transition Letter

Employer/Union Plan Sponsor Creditable Coverage

Medigap Creditable Coverage Letter

List of Entities Required to Provide Creditable Coverage Disclosure

Medicare Advantage Annual Notice of Change

MMA Q&A Database
Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers on the following categories:
     • Medicare Prescription Drugs Transitional Assistance
     • Medicare Advantage
     • Prescription Drug Coverage
     • List of all CMS Questions and Answers

Preferred Terms List (PDF)
Here you will find a list of preferred terms to use when communicating and educating people with Medicare on prescription drug coverage.

Partnership/Employer Information for Guidance
This site is dedicated to information regarding employers. You will find information related to employer/union guidance and issue papers, as well as Part D Waiver guidance, application materials, overview documents, outreach activities and much more.

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